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My name is Cassie and I am a Professional Reborn Doll Artist. I have been creating and adopting my babies for about 16 years and I love doing it.

I live in the beautiful mountains of Idaho and have 5 wonderful Children and 7 Grandchildren. Loving on the real little critters and being up close and personal with them has been my inspiration for the coloring and veining and love that goes into all my newborns.

Here at Doves Nursery I love turning plain sculpts into wonderful works of art that are collectible dolls. Each reborn baby that I create is as life like as a real newborn. Most people cannot believe that what they are looking at and sometimes they cannot believe what they’re holding is not a real baby. I do my best at coloring, weighting, adding hair and dressing these babies to look just like real newborn babies.


Doves Nursery is located in the United States, but I also ship to other countries.

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