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  • Baby Quinlyn Adrie Stoete / Bonnie Brown


    Baby Quinlyn is a VERY realistic Reborn Newborn baby.  She Weighs 4 pounds 12 ounces and is approximately 18 inches long.   She was brought to life from the very realistic and beautiful Sculpt Quinlyn sculpt which is a collaboration of two Wonderful and very Talented Sculptors,  Adrie Stoete and Bonnie Brown.  She is number 643 from a Worldwide Limited Edition of 2159.  She comes with her COA.  This Sweet Reborn baby is so yummy. I love her!

    She has Gorgeous and soft Light Strawberry Blonde hair.  That I have Mono/Micro rooted with a combination of a fine mohair and Alpaca to get this lovely soft and easy to fix baby hair. Baby Hair is sealed inside so it is safe brush and fix without worry.

    She has beautiful, natural Skin tones, with subtle veins and mottling created with MANY layers of of translucent coloring from Genesis HEATSET paints.  These are paints made specifically for reborning and are baked on in many fine layers to create a realistic Reborn baby that will last for Generations.  I seal my babies limbs to help prevent babies from getting shinny with a lot clothes changing.  It does not feel bumpy or coarse but less slippery than untreated vinyl.

    Baby Has Full Limbs in a Quality soft Cloth Body.  She also has extra soft silky fiber fluff and is weighted with Glass beads for weight. Distributed in all the right places so Baby feels real and true to hold.

    She has finely hand painted eye brows and rooted lashes.

    She has a small magnet to help hold her Pacifier in place and a very soft, Sweet and clean baby powder scent. I mix all of my own scents so it is not a strong wafer smell.  If you would like scent or magnet removed before baby comes home please let me know, this is not problem for me to do.

     Baby wears newborn and 0-3 month clothing, depending on the clothing.

    ALL outfits in photos will come home with baby. Plus a Plush Blanket, Pacifier, Certificate of Authenticity, Birth Certificate, and small gift for mom. No props or Tummy plates will be included unless stated.

    ALL of my babies are as unique and ONE OF A KIND as a real baby. I spend many hours creating these little gifts of love.

      My Name is Cassie and I have been creating babies since 2004.  A LOT of love and time goes into each baby I send home.  If you have ANY questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

      I do offer a payment plan of half down and up to 3 months to pay for baby.

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