Twin B Bonnie Brown Sculpt

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  • Custom Reborn Twin B. Bonnie Brown Sculpt

    This is Twin B.  A Bonnie Brown Sculpt. This baby will be 17 inches long.  Baby has 3/4 Arms and Full Legs and is a Timeless Edition. You will be able to see the hair colors in the drop-down menu. There is a price difference in Dark hair.

    Reborn Babies are Lifelike, very Realistic Dolls, made from Vinyl.  They are painted with Genesis Heat set Paint in many fine layers for skin tone, veins, mottling and blushing. Since this paint is baked into the vinyl, it will last for generations.  They are weighted with Glass beads and have Soft Fluffing, so they feel like a real baby when held. They have Gorgeous ultra-realistic glass eyes. The hair is Micro/Mono rooted 1 to 2 hairs at a time, so it looks as though it is actually growing out of the head.  I use very soft fine Mohair and Alpaca hair, usually mixed for softness.  I put a magnet inside the head to hold the Pacifier in place.  I also add a very soft Baby Powder scent inside baby.  It is a soft clean smell.  Magnet or scent can be left out upon request.

    A Custom Reborn Baby is a baby where you get choose all the details.  Skin, Hair, Eye color. Weight, and size. It takes 4 to 6 weeks to complete a Custom baby, so there is a nice little waiting period before baby arrives.

    If I don’t have a kit that you want, just let me know and I will do my best to find it.   You will notice that Sold out Sculpts are more money. That is because chances of getting another Sold-Out Limited Edition sculpt are very slim.  Once my Sold-out editions are gone, they are gone.  They are sold out everywhere and can no longer be bought.

    The pictures I have added are reborns I have done with this sculpt, showing what it looks like when it is finished.

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